My journey through Nadine Gordimer’s “July’s people”


Hello my fellow Literatis…just a quick one.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve been reading a book (July’s people) and I don’t seem to like the narrative strategy of the writer (Nadine Gordimer). Probably the book might seem nice to some readers, but I practically struggled through the whole reading process, and it wasn’t funny.

Though i understand the story the writer is narrating, but the style of narration wasn’t encouraging. And I’ve been taught that in literature, your manner and matter is very important, but to me this writer has simply considered the matter, overlooking the manner.

According to Shelley’s comment on goodreads…

  “I know, I know….I am supposed to have had some great cathartic experience from reading this book but it just did not happen. I don’t particularly enjoy this style of writing. It seems disjointed and
confusing and was like trying to read something written on a bumpy ride in the country. The story was okay, could see parts of where it was going. All in all, not
enjoyable. I read it mainly because it was on my list of have to reads and I was very glad it was a short book and was very glad when I finally reached the end of the
184th page.”… This lady’s comment explains how I felt after reading this book, coupled with other negative comments about the book, which I wouldn’t want to put up.

So probably you’ll read the book and it will interest you, but when you do, please let me know the interesting thing about the book by writing your comments below… Thanks…


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