Boko Haram Strikes Ndjaba, Borno State.



There has been another reported attack by suspected Boko
Haram militants who have killed dozens of people at Ndjaba
village in Borno State, North-East Nigeria. The gunmen were said to have stormed the village targeting men and boys before setting houses on fire on Tuesday but news of the incident did not come out due to the remoteness of the village.

Eye witnesses said that the attack, which took place as
the residents were holding prayers, sent everyone running
into the bush for safety, with dead bodies scattered all
over the area, some of them with their throats cut.

“I participated in the counting of dead bodies. Sixty-eight
people were killed,” witness Muminu Haruna told AFP after
escaping the attack on Tuesday in the remote region.

The attack is seen as part of the desperate actions of
Boko Haram against the backdrop of the onslaught by the
Nigerian military to root out the insurgents from the country.

The three countries of Chad, Cameroon and Niger have
joined Nigeria in the effort to form a military coalition,
which has recaptured several towns and villages in recent

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