Eku’s Dress Hides all Beneath…

Starting the show on the red carpet with Eku…

Eku on the red carpet at the AMVCA

The AMVCA 2015 show started with the fashionable Eku Edewor in a “double flayed skirt” outfit by iamisigo. I call it a “double flayed skirt” because that was the first impression I had when I saw her. While the dfalanaartistry hairstyle complements the outfit, it looks quite odd for not just a fashionable person like Eku, but also for someone who is handling the red carpet…  That’s as good as the host!


I understand that fashion is sometimes about risk, but compared to the outfit she wore at the nominees party and at the amvca event, this outfit seems like a disaster!

I think you might have been moved to try something new or different, but that didn’t pull off well. Sometimes in life, even in fashion, we should stick to what can sell our market, don’t get ideas about yourself and use her hand to spoil your market o.

So Eku please don’t take this risk again … Your curves are quite flattery enough to flaunt, why hide it in this expensive “double flayed skirt”!

See more of photos of Eku at AMVCA…

Eku looking good for AMVCA pre party

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