Lagos Life: A young girl found dead at Boundary market.

On my way back from church yesterday on the 8th of March I stumbled on a crowd in Boundary market, Ajegunle. This kind of crowd is the kind you see when something bad happens. I moved closer only to see a lady lying down on the ground dead. Finding out what happened, I learnt she had slumped while passing by.

Dead girl in Boundary market
Crowd watching the dead girl

According to the claims and conclusions of the crowd, she was just coming back from the hospital. Some believed she wasn’t dead, but nobody was confident enough to take her to the hospital because of the Lagos wahalà that is liable to spring out from nowhere. To make it worse, there were police men in the area, but they didn’t even move or come closer to the scene.

My thoughts are; if truly this lady was coming from the hospital, why didn’t she stay back if she wasn’t feeling as strong as she was suppose to. There’s also the possibility that she left the hospital, either for one appointment or another, but watching her lifeless body, I just feel that appointment could’ve waited.

It was a very sad sight and I really do feel for the family of the lady who saw her just hours ago. May her soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

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