Political Parties Give Free Kerosene For Votes…


On my way to work this morning, I met a large group of people queuing for kerosene at Muyibi street in Ajegunle, and I thought at first that maybe kerosene has joined fuel in the election scarcity, only for me to realize that they are not buying the kerosene, rather one of the political parties in Nigeria is supplying to people for free!


These people carried all sorts of containers to come collect “free kerosene”. Despite trying to understand these people and their need to collect all that the politicians has to offer; even though some of them will not come out to vote, I was sort of angry at the party for believing they could buy people’s vote with kerosene! How can you collect from people for so long only to give them back whats theirs and expect them to be your favourite candidate?

A lady made a valid point by saying they are simply giving people kerosene to burn themselves because they didn’t give them stove or a cooker to use the kerosene on, though it sounded funny, but the sense in it wasn’t lost.

After researching about this domestic distribution, I found out that the party has been informed that an opposition party has given kerosene to the people just the day before and today is their turn… Please how hilarious does that sound? Even rice and semovita are part of these distributed goods.

Well, the election is only hours away from now, and only after then would we know who has “magad” who, the politicians or the people?

See more photos below;




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