See Who Made My Personality Of The Week… Miss Hard work and Success.

So I’ve been meaning to start this for like forever and one way or the other I haven’t been able to pull it through, probably because of the great people I want to put in at once, which isn’t possible. So I’m kicking off with Taylor Swift as my personality of the remaining of this week because she is one success story that shows the evidence of hard work and achieving what one sets their mind to achieve. This is coupled with the fact that the 25 year old American singer songwriter and actress has been recently named one of Forbes’ most powerful women in the world, I think she deserves it.


First on the list was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates in second and third place. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg came in at eight, Michelle Obama at number 10 and Oprah at 12.

Beyoncé made the list (of course!), ranking at 21, Anna Wintour at 28, Ellen DeGeneres at 50 and Angelina Jolie at 54. The Queen (who at 89, happens to be the oldest woman to feature on the chart) achieved number 41 – wow, Does this mean Beyonce is officially more powerful than our venerable monarch?

If there’s something I love about Taylor Swift, its dress sense and her success story and how inspired I get whenever I see her. From a little country girl who came to Hollywood with just her dream, she has now taken over the reality of Hollywood fame with stars hoping for collabo opportunities. Despite the wealth she still seem as simple as ever, a family girl (no need to be told about that) and the only Hollywood relationship higi-haga you’ll ever hear about her is from her through her songs… Talk about someone who makes her mess a message and still earns from it.

Go Taylor!

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  1. Yes I love taylor swift!!!


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