How Bruce Jenner Insulted “Womanity”!


The Bruce Jenner turned Caitlyn Jenner issue is still going on on different social media platform, and various people have been giving their views on what they think about his actions. Some are  justifying his actions while others aren’t. But all in all, I have come to realize that what Bruce Jenner did wasn’t transgender, because the truth is it takes more than changing body parts to be a woman, so what I’m asking now is, who is a woman and what makes one a woman.

I was taught that whatever is not defined cannot be measured, so let’s fully define who a woman is before we can say Bruce Jenner is now a woman. Now according to a mobile dictionary, a woman is “Belonging or referring to the sex which is generally characterized as the one associated with the larger gametes (for species which have two sexes and for which this distinction can be made), which in humans and many other species is the sex which produces eggs.” figuratively, it means Having an internal socket, as in a connector or pipe fitting.” This means that women are a particular sex with certain reproductive cells that have only half the usual number of chromosomes… This means his DNA still reads that he’s male and according to research he still prefers sexual intimacy with women which makes his needs more of a man’s.

The truth is, it will be an insult on womanhood to say it takes surgical procedures to make a man a woman. So maybe he has the looks, but can he breastfeed a child? Can he give birth to a child? Has he ever menstruated with cramp that takes you to hell and back? Will he ever face the limitation most women face or will the society also expect him to give birth the way they have expected women to for generation? And when he doesnt give birth, will society tag him “barren” or “fruitless tree?” Well i dont think so. According to the key note speaker, Robin Morgan in the 1973 West Coast Lesbian conferences, she stated that;

“I will not call a male “she”; thirty-two years of suffering in this androcentric society, and of surviving, have earned me the title “woman”; one walk down the street by a male transvestite, five minutes of his being hassled (which he may enjoy), and then he dares, he dares to think he understands our pain? No, in our mothers’ names and in our own, we must not call him sister.

On this same premise i am saying that Bruce Jenner insulted womanhood when he proclaimed himself a woman because “woman” is a title that has to be earned. Will Bruce Jenner come out to say a thing like this in the days when women were really considered the minority in everything?(Even though we’re majority in the society). Will he go through all of these when the sufferings and pains of a woman were highly seen and practiced? Will Bruce Jenner call himself a woman if it comes with the pains and all the societal classifications and limitations the idea of a woman sometimes bring in a society? I guess not.

A woman is more than what the fashion magazines and Hollywood makes it out to be, its more than playing dress up, and looking pretty/colorful for camera. Its more than a show for paparazzi. But what can we say, pictures do carry a thousand words, so if Bruce Jenner is really claiming to be a woman, how far has he gone in accomplishing the task depicted in this photo? Even though that’s not the total reality…


Because the truth of the matter is; who we are as women is a combination of what we can do naturally and what the society has carved us to do, which I commend women around the world for, because we play the role to the fullest… That is our reality, not how we think! A lot of women think like men, take care of the home financially and otherwise, but you don’t see them changing body parts and proclaiming themselves to be a men! And there goes Grandpa  Charlieboy saying there’s a “hidden woman” in most men… Does this mean we should expect more Caitlyns?

So I personally support Bruce’s decision to looking different for his satisfaction, and I give him that ultimate courageous award for doing what he reaally wants despite how society will react, which to me has been better so far (another topic for another day), it’s okay for him to want to look like a woman for his ability to live in his “true self”, but he should NOT say he is a woman because that is an insult to womanhood! It takes more than any surgical procedures and a change of name to be me… To be a woman, you have to be created a woman, there are no short corners and a surgical procedure just wouldn’t do.

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  1. Paul Martins says:

    Well scripted! I think you have taken this too seriously tho. It’s nothing more than a cosmetic surgery undergone to get him to look like a woman as opposed to trying to become one. Same goes for people who’s done surgery to look like lizards or goats or justinbeiber.. However, I think this has become a big advert for people of likeminds to feel free to be like what they wonna be which really is a shame as this will ruin a lot of families and disrupt a chunk of social structure. But about trying to be a woman, I didn’t think that can be a primary motif. It’s more about facade (physiognomic) than physiology of human anatomy.


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