Character of The Week: Miss Fix It


This week character is our fictional miss “fix it” Olivia Pope. Olivia Pope is the crisis manager in Olivia Pope and associates in the series movie “Scandal”.

We will all agree that she is one unique character that handles PR in a very professional and stylish way that makes both white and America proud. Olivia Pope is the boss that delegates all the work, but she supervises everything to make sure it all cone together to work. Her wardrobe is certainly one to hope for as she is never seen out of style. The miss ” fix it” is certainly still fixing the scandals of white house in her Pope style. But truth is, whenever I think of Olivia Pope, I want to pry into the mind of Shonda Rhimes… Like how does she get these strong and dynamic characters!

But then, what do you think Aso Rock will be like with an Olivia Pope and her team in it?


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