Bitch Better Have My Money! Banks Release List of Debtors.

Bitch Better Have My Money; Bank Releases List Of Debtors
                                                                                Godwin Emefiele

In line with a directive issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which instructed banks to publish names of debtors, many have proceeded to do so.

According to Nation, publication of the names was inevitable, as debtors failed to meet the July 31 2015 payment deadline set by CBN.

An unnamed bank worker said, “Some debtors have entered into various payment schemes  to avoid being shamed by this exercise.”

The report further reveals that the debtors are to be blacklisted and banned from participating in the foreign exchange market as well as trading in the Nigerian Government Securities market. Also, the publication of the debtors’ lists is to be a continuous exercise.

Here are some of the banks’ debtors, as reported by Nation.

Union Bank

Union Bank is owed  huge sums by 176 debtors. Six customers collectively owe the bank N27.91 billion. They are:

  • Dec Oil & Gas, owing N15.7 billion following a 1999 contract finance loan that expired in 2000. The directors of the company are Patrick Ugboma and Pius U. Malaka
  • Alliance Energy is owing the bank N4.92 billion. The term loan approved in 2004 expired in 2006. The directors are Akinwale Omoboriowo, Kojo Annan and Timi Austen-Peters
  • Hajaig Construction is owing the bank N2.99 billion on a loan approved in 2012 and which expired in 2014. The directors are Abdul Nasser Hajaig, Rud Wan Hajaig and Mohammed Hajaig
  • Sapta International Industries Limited is owing the bank  N1.87 billion over a 1987 term loan that expired in 1988. The directors are Alex Aloy Nwokodikwa and Clement Nwokodikwa
  • Petroleum Project International has a debt of N1.25 billion over a term loan obtained in 2004 that expired in 2007. The directors are Akinwale Omoboriowo, Kojo Annan and Timi Austen-Peters
  • Best Aluminum owes N1.11 billion for import and lease facilities obtained between 2010 and 2012. The directors are Godwin Nweke and Chief Pius Nweke

Fidelity Bank

Debtors include:

  • Starcomms Limited: Owes N3.08 billion. Directors are Maan Lababidi, Paul Edwards, Tajudeen Dantata, Omar Lababidi, Chris Ogbechie and Olusola Oladokun
  • Diesel Solutions: N324.28 million
  • Patemglobal Limited: N268.5 million

Sterling Bank

  • Kasolute Nigeria Limited: Owes  N475.3 million
  • Just Jays Limited: N254.7 million
  • Alcun Industries Limited: N192.1 million

Well I guess the Banks must have over played Rihanna’s “Igbese” song for them but nothing came through

Visit Nation and Punch to view more comprehensive lists of debtors.

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