A_new_beginningLife can be beautiful, especially when your life is going as planned. Things are working out alright and you feel like the master and author of your own story… aren’t we all? But that’s what we all don’t know. Not everybody have the opportunity to know that every single day of our time on earth is another opportunity to write our story the way we want it to be. Isn’t that cool?! I get to determine who is my Jackie Chan, Jet Li or Smooth “Double Oh Seven”. I get to choose if I want to be my Hero, or watch someone else be that for me. What am I saying? I mean it is never too late to start again. It is never too late to rewrite your story. It is never too late to say “you know what? I don’t wanna do that anymore” “I want to do this or that”, and it is never too late to bend the route and create a new fresh path.

Well, truth is, I sort of just realize this for myself. It is very easy to want to do everything even though that one thing that you can effortlessly do keeps screaming for total expression. The person that says a king is not recognized in his house wasn’t mincing words, and yes, that one overlooked talent is your “king” talent… it is at least the talent that will make you king, but because you feel it is too easy, it is always there, then it definitely cannot be our “money maker”, rather we go out seeking for something strenuous… How we love stress!

So I guess right now you’re thinking and its all making sense to you. You’re seeing how you can start working on your “king” talent so that it can yield better things tomorrow. So Look at your story and check your loops. Do you like what you see or it’s a shadow of what should and a reality of what shouldn’t? Are you in a field you shouldn’t be in and you’ve already made up your mind that you can never leave there? Are you ashamed of the life you’re living and you think you’ve gone so far in this world that you can’t retrace your steps? Well, newsflash! Nobody wants you to retrace your steps… I don’t want you to retrace your steps; I just believe creating new ones are better. After all who can really state the amount of time lost when the idea of time is simply an illusion we comfortably live in… (Story for another day*moving on*).

Start by thinking of that unexpressed “king” talent you have and how you can express it in different dimensions. Don’t think of its “Bigility” because then you’ll start thinking about the society’s standard of a reputable job that doesn’t exist. First off, you are the society, and what you’re comfortable with overtime becomes your lifestyle that might later influence other people’ lifestyle. So whatever talent that is screaming for expression in your life, give it a chance to make it fly and don’t underestimate it because it comes so easy, its not its fault, God doesn’t just want to make you struggle to be happy.

So why not stop living a life the society wants and start living one that you choose, one that you’ll chose that an innocent child with nothing but love for what he really loves because at the end of the day, YOUR HAPPINESS is all that counts. So start now, for it is ever too late!

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