AsakeOge Brings Daviva To The Market Place

Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-2015Womenswear designer, AsakeOge Couture, just launched a new collection with fabric giants – DaViva .

The campaign was shot at a local market with the aim of showing the richness of the DaViva prints amidst the Lagos buzz life.  The fabrics’ diversity was shown in contrast of the backdrop of market stalls found on most street corners and market places in the city of Lagos. Both fabric and environment brings out richness and beauty in the other, thereby creating a blend in their differences.

See more photos from the collection below;

Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-2015001 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-2015002 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-2015003 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-20150010 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-20150012 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-2015008 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-2015006 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-2015004 Asake-Oge-DaViva-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-August-20150011To find out more about AsakeOge, visit their website: | Follow them on Twitter: @AsakeOge or @IAmAsake | Find them on Facebook:

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