The App That Tells Where You Left… “Straight Outta…”



There is an app that is helping everyone talk about where they just left and trust me, people are really maximizing this app. On Sunday, a friend put up his own picture, but I didn’t get the drill until I saw more people using the same caption for different locations.

Well, guess what, Genevieve probably just left Surulere because she posted a photo on her instagram that reads; “Straight Outta Surulere” where she was chilling with Oluchi Orlandi looking  fresh without make


don’t know how old the photo is, but I’m sure “Straight Outta” is fresh! And if you want to get yours personalized, go to, you can thank me later.

But what do you guys think about this new introduction? Don’t you think it encourage stalking? or probably mislead stalkers if you know what i mean… Lol! Don’t mind my wandering thought jare!

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