Seyi Shay Covers The September Issue of Blanck Digital Magazine


The beautiful, stylish and super talented female Nigerian pop princess Seyi Shay is the cover person for Blanck first September issue.

In a chat with the Editor – In – Chief Franka Chiedu, Seyi Shay tackled the issue of marriage pressures and her thoughts on being unduly targeted by the media which she sees as “good traffic”.
“I won’t say I read news reports on myself often. I check them out sometimes just to see what my fans are saying or thinking or to see what reviews the editors are giving my music or my campaigns. It’s important for my brand; but on whether I feel unduly targeted by blogs especially those that sensationalise the things I wear; I would say -Not at all, it brings good traffic! It is normal for anyone bringing something new to the scene, to face oppositions especially from people who don’t get it. When people see things they are not used to, they speculate but having said that, I think a lot of people are starting to understand my brand. I am here for the love of music; to make good music and to leave positive marks in the industry”
This edition also contains stories that will interest you.




Photo Credit;
Seyi Shay’cover

Photographed by Sammy Baxter


Styled by Franka Chiedu (@fasindi)

Make Up By Bunmi Ogedengbe (Neon Velvet)

Hair by Indigo Star hair & beauty Lounge.

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