“Dear God… I Want A Rich Man”



A young lady wakes up one morning and her prayer went thus; “Dear God, I’ve been really patient and trying not to admit, but please I want a rich man. Lord, please bless me with a rich man that will love me unconditionally”.

After praying the same prayer for six month with no result, this lady came to God one day in anger and their conversation went thus;
“Dear God, how long am I suppose to wait for your word to come to pass? You said ask and it shall be given, I’ve been asking for the past six months but nothing has been given to me.” She asked angrily
God laughed and responded “I answered your prayer the day you asked me, the gift came, searched for you but didn’t see you… where did you go to?”
“What?! That’s not true… all the rich men I saw that weren’t looking for me! They were probably looking for something else but not me!”
“How would you know that?”
“Coz I just know.” She answered curtly “I even stepped on one intentionally, he didn’t even notice!” she screamed.
“Guess he saw what he was looking for”
“That’s because you didn’t look like what they prayed for”
“Huh?! How? Was it not me? I was where I’ve always been and he didn’t come to me!” she cried “what was he wearing? What car was he driving? Where does he even stay?” she asked desperately
“All I can tell you is that they were exactly what you asked for”
“What?! How can they be exactly what I asked for and they don’t even recognize me?”
“Because you didn’t look like what they asked for”
“What?! Oh my God!” She dropped her head in disappointment.
“I’m here child… I answered your prayers just like I answered theirs”
The young lady cried all through that day because she realized what her lack of understanding of prayer has cost her. But hey! God isn’t that cruel, she’ll get another chance…  if she understands. And that’s life for you.

We ask God for something, but the truth is, are we ready for what we’re asking? We ask God to give us a man that will love us unconditionally and we are filled with bitterness and hatred. We ask God to give us a man that will treat us like a child, but we forget that our fathers don’t like us when we get angry and we have an anger issue somewhere inside of us. We ask for God to give us the best whereas we are from from being the best of our true self. We have so many baggage to deal with and instead of dealing with it, we’re waiting on God to give us the best, but we forget to ask ourselves if we will marry ourselves if God blesses us with us. Faith without work is nothing… it means no result, no productivity… nada!

While praying faithfully, understand what you’re praying for and about and don’t just leave all the work for God. It is God’s duty to show you his faithfulness, but he has to show it through something, it means you have to work towards your prayer. You can’t just be idle, filled with character issues and baggage from your past and expect God to bless you with a rich or good man that will love you unconditionally. Why should he love you unconditionally? Let us know that sometimes this love comes out of the admiration of the woman’s/man’s productivity, be it the work of her hands or mind. You cannot say you want to be the first lady and all you do is party, drink and gossip, you don’t read or equip your mind with useful materials that will help your future husband. So imagine your country with a first lady like you, what will be your first word when you hear about it?… Ezakli what I thought.

But come to think of it, do you think the way you are right now can attract a man whose vision is to become the president? It’s not like God can’t do it, but remember that these flaws you carry will eventually ruin it for you guys one day, either through scandal or his realization of those flaws he can no longer handle, leaving you worse than you already are.

So while we’re waiting for what we have prayed to God for, be it a man, a job or breakthrough in a particular area, understand what you’re asking of from God, know your part and work your part, so that when the gift comes, it will locate you and want to stick with you because you are prepared to handle it. 

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  1. Temilore says:

    Very instructive. Well done Lindss 💜


  2. Linda I love This post. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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