Warri Hosts Africa International Fashion Week


Travelling and leaving Lagos made me realise that when people say Nigeria is becoming developed, they simply!e mean Lagos is getting bigger in terms of development, and that  shouldn’t always be the case.

Seeing this got me, and trust me I love it when people develop different areas of a country  rather than concentrating all development in one state in the country. So lets all come out and support this fashion show.

Africa international fashion week 2015 is to be hosted in warri this year with creative Fashion brands showcasing their various unique pieces on the runway. The show will feature creative pieces of designers such as Neo-pele, spices bibi, pendo bello, signature secrets, jay kamor and many more.

So If you’re in warri, there’s no better place to be in on the 21st-23rd of December, But if you’re not but in a close by state, then don’t hesitate to take that trip and come fill your eyes with Fashion from an oil land… Remember, there ain’t no party like a fashion party, coz looking good and seeing what makes you look good is just refreshing!

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