Why Your New Year Resolutions Never Fall Through…



The year is coming to an end and everybody is bringing out their writing materials to write out the various changes they want to see in their lives come 2016… I’m sure you’ve done that already, and that was exactly how you wrote it last year and the year before that, but sadly those plans don’t fall through. Sadly those dreams never come through. Sadly, the time and ink spent will be remembered when we’re setting goals for next year. We’ll remember when we realise that we still want thesame thing but the time has changed. Our wants should be different by now, progressing, but its still thesame because we haven’t been able to achieve the ones we set as goals.

This inability to achieve our goals has made some people to stop believing in the act of goal setting feeling that writing it doesn’t make it true. Well, they’re right! Writing most certainly doesn’t make it true, but it makes it seen, and that is one of the reasons most of our resolutions don’t get resolved, we don’t see it, we just want it. Let us know that the things we want in 2016 will not be achieved for two factors. These factors are strongly against our wants.

1. Want Vs Action: As humans, no one is born a workaholic. People become workaholics for different reasons, either by choice or by force. When we set our goals, lets not just write what we want because we want them. Our wanting them will never make them come true. We have to work towards them to get them. We have to make our body learn to strive hard to get what they it wants. For example, I want to really pass this message across to you guys, but trust me I was feeling lazy to type. Because I understand there’s a timeline for this message and sending it on the 1st might make it already useless, I told my laziness to take a nap and got to work. Let’s not set those plans because we want to set them and be amongst people with resolutions for the new year, set the goal because you have to be that goal at the end of the time given. It’s not the wanting but the action that resolves your resolution!

2. Wanting Vs Perception: Your goal can be achieved by understanding the roles of these elements in your life. This is a cycle that we have to understand and  tackle with wisdom. The way you see yourself goes a long way to what you give yourself or what you think you deserve for yourself. Sometimes we say we want to be the richest man but then again, words are cheap. Do we even SEE ourselves as being rich? Talk more of richest. How we see ourselves determines how people see us, and how people see us determines if our goals will be achieved or not, especially if you’re in a people’s business. How you see yourself and future greatly determines the action you put into your life. If you set a goal to stop lying in 2016, have you ever envisage yourself living without lying? Is it a picture you appreciate? And have you started seeing yourself in that light? Because we have this idea called “NEW YEAR”, we tend to sometimes pause our plans waiting for the year to start reading all over so that we can start afresh in life and become an all “New Personality”. News flash my friend, there’s no such thing! There’s no such thing as waking up one morning and becoming all brand new…(except you have amnesia overnight, and that is even another matter) It takes work from you, your hands and your mind. These guys have to come together and agree to make whatever goal that has been set to come to pass. So learn to start seeing yourself like the plans you’re making in 2016, that way your plans become easier to achieve.

So if you want to be a particular person in 2016, take these simple test…
Who is a healthy person?
How does a healthy person behave health wise?
How does the environment of a healthy person look like?
What kind of food do healthy people eat?
What does a healthy person look like?
How does healthy people see themselves?

Give answers to these simple questions and start perceiving yourself like the person your answers will creating and start taking actions that can make your perception a reality… You wouldn’t want to be an empty vessel. Similar questions can also be created in other areas including spiritual, financial, relationship, emotional etc, and I’m sure with little baby steps such as setting reminders on your phone to remember these things or putting sticker notes in different areas of your room and workspace will help your 2016 be a better year than other. Remember, Want It, Perceive Yourself to be it(faking it), and Work hard to be IT (Making It).

So It all depends on you if the year becomes new or you’re still time-trapped in the year everybody already left. Not every year is a new year, some just continue the 365 days, some have a century all wrapped up in one year, while for some, It Is New Every Morning.

But to you my dear reader, I’m saying Happy Fruitful 2016!

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  1. Luch says:

    Wow this is so true and down to earth. Keep up the good work and continue writing


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