It’s Okay To Go Natural!


Have you ever thought of going natural but the thought of what people will say always have a way of holding you back? Well, you’re not alone in this. I fully went natural about a year ago, though before then, I usually relax my hair three to four times a year or less. This is because no matter how I relax it, the hair was always looking never relaxed and light at the same time with little or no weight.
Despite that, I was still trying to cope until I asked myself a question that the possible answer scared the shit out of me. I won’t reveal the question to you guys for now so that your decision isn’t made out of fear, but it was a good enough reason for me to chop off the relaxed part of my hair and take the natural journey by the horn.
Going natural for me wasn’t due to a trend, though we can see now that it is a trend, and I’m glad to see people rocking their natural hair without shame.


Just remember that it’s okay to carry your natural hair. To flaunt it and show people how happy you are to be you. It’s okay to love your kinky and curls. And if you’re wondering “What do I gain anyway?” well, it’s a sure fact that you’ll get to live your life without your hair in the way of your daily activities, rather, it will hover around your head like the crown it is.
Another benefit is that you get to carry your more resilient and fuller strands. Do you know when you’re relaxing your hair, for some people your hair might never be longer than the length of your chin, but once you go natural, you’ll be shocked at how long your hair can actually grow.  Yep! The African black hair grows!. Your black hair is already fragile enough as it is; adding chemicals to the mix simply makes it more delicate and prone to damage.

An important benefit that everyone should take note of is that going natural portrays total acceptance of who you truly are. Do you know there is nothing as beautiful as you accepting yourself for what you truly are? This is not to say everyone who is on natural actually love themselves, because some people are doing for religious reasons why some people who go natural do it because its trendy or they’re being copycat. Well, being copycats only proves their level of esteem for themselves. But truly understanding your hair and accepting to carry it, embracing its kinky and shrinks only proves how much you can love and accept yourself. Loving your perfect imperfections is one of the most amazing things In this world, and the irony of it is that, while you’re busy thinking about the people that will say what not about you, these same people are the ones that will envy you later on when their words don’t bring you down, because it shouldn’t. They’ll envy you when they see how much you’re enjoying it. They’ll accept you when they see how well you have accepted yourself – not like you need their acceptance.

So if you’re still contemplating embarking on the natural journey, think no further, chop it off… what do you stand to lose after all?

Hope you enjoyed the read, please share your hair experience with us, do you like the African hair and if not, why? Would really love to read your opinions.


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