These Ladies Are Using Tech To Solve Hair Problem; Read, Know And Try How!



One of the challenges in a woman’s life is getting her hair done! You might think that is vain, but trust me, the hustle is ever real!

Immediately you’re getting one style on, you’re thinking of the next you’re getting on after that, and so on the struggle continues. But voila! There’s a solution now.

So my “friendship” buzzed me to  download an app she developed, and I while Google was trying to bad belle me not to, they certainly couldn’t achieved that! :mrgreen: . So after seeing the goodness in this app, who else would I want to share this goodness with other than you guys!

The Tress App solves various problems for stylish woman and welcomes you into a community of Stylish women that are certainly dishing out tips for FREE!
All you just gotta do is download!

But before we end this gist, let me introduce you to this amazing trio that is about to change our hair story!

Meet Esther Olatunde, Priscilla Hazel and Cassandra Sarfo – the three power ladies who are using tech to solve one of the dilemmas of women by creating the Tress App, a hair Haven for discerning women.

Tech savvy Esther Olatunde handles the technical development and maintenance of the app, Priscilla Hazel is responsible for business strategy, public relations while Cassandra Sarfo is responsible for the user interface design and user experience of the Tress app. This trio met 2 years ago at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, hit it off and Now they’re working on this amazing project that is set to change the lives of every stylish woman out there.

Tress is quickly growing a passionate community of engaged black women from around the world sharing hair tips, hair ideas and style information.

With this Tress App, users can now discover new hairstyles, see detailed information about hairstyles, share their favourite hairstyles and get and give compliments.

How awesome can it get?!

Wanna know? Get on fast to Google Play store and download the Tress App Now! Thank me later!💋

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