Nkechi Martina Orajekwe Adds Another Year To Her Age!



This is my sister, her name is Martina Nkechi Orajekwe and today is her birthday. Here is a brief Gist about ma sis… So let’s role…

I grew up ever having issues with her because where I feel she’s always never letting me get away with anything, she certainly never let me get away with anything!:'(

So we were always like cat and rat until it dawned on me that my wahala was too much… I take her things like Kilode! Well… What can I say… She’s ma big sis! But her anger was that I do it like it was my right! Can u imagine? I take it without telling her, and while I’m denge posing with na friends, she’ll see me. Immediately I sight her, my heart will drop, singing “mogbe!” You know girls, we’ll pata for the matter, and property wey no be my own, I go still dey claim right… Shame on me!😂

Well, I realized my too much wahala and did a good apology😇, which by God’s grace did settle our scores… What are sisters for? We sure break up to make up!

But let’s go on to some of the qualities of the shemazing woman… One of the things you’ll notice once you see her is her realness…. She doesn’t fake it for people to like her, in summary, she’s effortlessly herself! She’s also selfless. Now when I say selfless, it doesn’t sum her up, so I think a new word should be invented to surpass selfless. She can do anything for her family, and sometimes I see her doing same for her friends, and I wonder how far and big that heart of hers truly is, Afterall it’s inside her body and not the other way round, but what can I say… She’s always with my mother, and their selflessness cannot be written in words! So guess my mother rubbed off nicely on her. She’s also a mother… Yep. When my parent travels, trust me she’s the next in line, we’re meant to go to her for almost everything :mrgreen:. 

She has been with my mother in her business of selling plantain and a lot of other things my mother sells for as long as I can  remember… while her friends were writing jamb, she sacrificed that to be with my mom and go for part-time studies instead… That’s sacrifice to me, because it’s not something a lot of people would do. She didn’t go for part-time because jamb jammed her, but she did because she understood how dependent my mother was on her concerning her business, because trust me she runs it so well, even better than her teacher.:mrgreen:. This is to say she’s also a major bread winner in my family… Yes she is… Every single day she wakes up by 4:30 am to go to the market so as to sell to customers she has retained for years! And she gets back in the evening every single day, but you know what? She’s the tushest ologede I know and with the way she runs the business, she can run your empire while you sleep, knowing fully well it’s in great hands!

So yes, after my apology, we’re now paddy… I love my sister and sometimes I wonder why I didn’t apologize earlier than I did so that the friendship would’ve kicked off before it eventually did. But you know how God is, He makes it all happen at the right moment. So yes, I love my sister, not just because she’s my sister and I’m bound to love her, but because despite all I’ve gone through with her, it has only made me see her for who she is, which is someone worth loving…  When I have issues I talk to her about it, and she talks about her sissies with me too, and listens to my advices *however meaningful or meaningless*… That used to happen just in my dreams… :mrgreen:

So I can say knowing my sister has been a journey, and trust is, this my little gist doesn’t make an inch of that journey. But whatever the journey, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Though there wasn’t much to enjoy then when the road was looking tough, when I was sneaking to wear that Jean I’ve been targeting to rock  forever, hoping I don’t get caught by the blunt owner 😂, but right now, thinking back, I laugh at those memories, because in more ways than one it brought us together more than it separated us. It made me know her likes and dislikes and though sometimes I still fall short, swerving to my former ways, but “I’m sorry”and “thank you” always get us back on track.

So I’m saying happy bornday to this selfless, *lack of appropriate word*, effective, hardworking, rare and BEAUTIFUL woman… God bless your new age, grant you more wisdom and provide to you those things He knows you need because He knows us more than we know ourselves and His plans for us are of good and not of evil… Have fun sis… It’s another year to be better and more prettier! 💋💞💋💞💋😘💋💞😘😍

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  1. Luchi says:

    Happy birthday dear


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