5 Baby Steps To Rocking Crop Tops

In fashion today, crop tops have become one of the most daring and admirable items when worn right.

While some can comfortably rock this look, others are still looking for ways to pull it off!

So here I am, giving you cool ways you can start rocking your crop.

1. Make a temporary tie-up

For those of us testing the crop style, we can switch our shorts or long and free tops by tying it up as a crop… That should really help.


2. Fake it with a faux crop

Some tops are simply short, right on the waist instead of the longer length we’d prefer. Take advantage of these kind of tops and rock them with either a nice skintight high waisted Jean or a free skirt or pant as seen in this post. It might not look like a crop top yet, until you raise your arm, and voila!


3. Swing it high and low

A crop top that is short in front and longer at the back enables more coverage, especially for the crop shy chic.


4. Play hide and seek

Most of us aren’t comfortable with exposing our body,and I totally get it! With this style, only the sides of your upper body will peek through the pairing of your crop top with your overalls, because your overall becomes your protecting shield!


5. Not a regular 9-5

Rocking your crop too to the office might certainly be a no-no especially if your industry is not a fashion forward industry… But an addition of a no-nonsense blazer elevates the crop top just enough to make you rock your corporate world!


Are you a fan of crop top and you have other ways we can take our baby steps to join the trendy crop bunch?

Let’s hear from you from the comment section!

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