Donate Shoes For These Kids And Help Protect Their Feet!



Photos of these kids were posted on Facebook by Daberechi Precious Okedurum and It is interesting that these kids still have their shine no matte what. They are still determined to furnish and build their brain despite no shoes protect their feet.


Mr. Daberechi visited the community in Ogun State and according to him, they have no clinic, no portable water except for a river, no electricity, and a primary school with just four classrooms and about 150 pupils! Now we know God has been merciful to them and we know they have a Governor that has in more ways than one sidelined them from his government, but sometimes we have to take government into our hands and do our little parts.


These kids needs so much, but presently all we are asking for is SHOES to PROTECT THEIR feet! The smiles that cover these faces aren’t covering their feet!


So here we are, asking and pleading for you guys to donate those shoes that your children have outgrown. Shoes that are extra properties in your house that you don’t need, even though they’re still looking nice. They shouldn’t be thrown away because they’re everything to some people.. They’re everything to these kids!


So please, let’s join hands in protecting their feet!

To help, please send indicate your interest or contact Daberechi Precious Okedurum on Facebook. And  you can send it from wherever you are..  It will be received, just inform us when you do! Thank you!

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