How To Make it in The Africa Music Industry


The African music scene is making noise across the continent and around the world like never before and just as we know, good things sell fast, and everybody is certainly gaining interest in the industry, but then again, not all interested artists are making it as far as they’d love to.

So what’s the secret to making it big in this vibrant and popular industry in terms of music, videos and remaining relevant? Is it money? Loyal fans? Education? Or a good knowledge of the industry?

CNN Africa had a Twitter chat with music business moguls Audu Maikori and Paul Okeugo — founder and Chief Operating Officer of Nigerian record label Chocolatecity Music respectively — as well as industry experts and members of  the public who shared their thoughts on this important issue.

To experts such as Okeugo, having local knowledge and researching individual markets is key, Meanwhile, Maikori stressed the importance of fostering a reliable team and maintaining motivation. Read more from the Twitter chat on CNN Africa

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