Zanzibar International Film Festival Unveils Film Selection for Its 2016 Event including “Gbomo Gbomo Express” & More Nollywood Movies



Nigerian movies are certainly getting better and breaking boundaries!

That said, three Nigerian movies have made it on the final film selection for the 2016 Zanzibar International Film Festival, which is one of Africa’s largest film, music and art festival that brings together new talents together from all over the world for a Zanzibar Tamasha!

The movies are “Gbomo Gbomo Express” by Walter Taylaur, “Salt” by Umar Turaki and “The Wages” also by Walter Taylaur.


The Zanzibar International Film Festival had a record of 490 films submitted from 32 countries and its set to take place from July 9th -17th 2016.

The ZIFF panel selected 80 films to compete under 5 different jury categories; 59 General Competition, 15 Sembene Ousmane; 12 Bongo movies, and 6 films in this year’s newest jury category. The Emerson of Zanzibar Award recognizing films about Zanzibar’s culture and history.

To get the full list of films selected for ZIFF 2016 and for more details, visit the website.

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