Give Your Baby Steps A Cheer!



If there’s one thing we know how to comfortably do as humans is to appreciate others and congratulate them for that which they have done, no matter how little. Sometimes we mean it, sometimes we don’t, but we do it anyway. We do this to encourage people, but can’t we take the same cue to encourage ourselves by appreciating ourselves for what we do, despite how little we think it is. Appreciating oneself for a something you’ve done is a confidence booster, although not in a cocky and proud way.

Learn how to appreciate the things you do. There is absolutely no need to be validated by someone else, if not you would become dependent on that validation. What happens when they are no longer there to tell you well done? Or when what you’ve done well doesn’t look well to them? In doing, you have to be honest with yourself, be true to yourself and appreciate you for being you.

Gift yourself for that promotion no matter how little. Buy yourself something new for sealing that deal and sometimes, go on a vacation, not because you have too much to throw around, but because you deserve it.

Start today and appreciate every little thing you do, every little mile you cross and every box you tick off from your To do… You deserve the validation you give others… So appreciate yourself today!

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