Dress Up Your Wardrobe With Drex-Me Fashion Label!


Fashion in Nigeria is one that continues to take determined strides into creativity and class, and nigerians by the day are not backing down on their sense of style as talented designers discover themselves everyday in the industry.

Drex Me Fashion is one fashion label that has been growing since its inception in August 2015.

Based in Asaba, Drex Me is aimed at giving men the classic look they all aim to achieve, styling them in outfits that speak of class made with the passion of fashion that is ever evident in the works of the creative director Bradouyai Knowly.


According to the creative director on his plans for his brand, “My plan is to make the brand a house hold name within and outside the country” and concerning his clients, “my plan for my clients is go grow to a point that every delivery will be made at their door steps”

This is the dream of a young Nigerian designer, and this dream is already being pushed forward with the construction of classic pieces that make men look like men! And did I mention at affordable prices too? I just did!




For further enquiry; 070336627691

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