8th Edition Of Eloy Awards Is Here! Start Nominating Your Exquisite Ladies Of The Year…



The 8th edition of the annual award, Exquisite Ladies of the year (ELOY) award is back! And this year’s theme is “All women are worth celebrating”.

The hard work of ladies who have been impacting lives and adding values to their various industries will be honoured, a great way to encourage them to do more.

According to a statement issued by the organisers of the award,  “2016 so far has been a phenomenal year for women all around the world. We have seen the 1st ever Female US Presidential Candidate, the 1st Female UK Prime Minister in power since the late 80s, the 1st Nigerian Female President of a major US television network, the 1st Female Nigerian Chancellor and let’s not forget the female athletics in Rio, the Nigerian Female rower, who was exceptional at the Olympics.”

“It’s that time again when we as a community welcome & recognise a new host of brilliantly skilled women who are making an impact in their respective industries.

It’s time to applaud their tenacity, guts and passion. It’s time to lift them up so that one day you too will be lifted up by the people whose lives you have impacted on.”

This year’s award opens for nominations in both the ELOY Awards category and Ladies Who Inspire category, and below is a full list of categories to nominate your Exquisite woman, all you have to do is send your nominations to eloy@exquisitemag.com. Nominations end 2nd November.


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