Eloy Awards Introduces CEMI Honours… Calls For Nominees!


Here’s a chance to celebrate someone… Or be celebrated!

With a new theme for this year, “Every woman is worth celebrating” the organizers of Eloy award show, Exquisite magazine, brings to you CEMI honours.

The CEMI honour is an initiative to Celebrate, Empower, Motivate, and Inspire, hence the name CEMI. This award initiative is majorly to appreciate women from local communities who are making impact whether big or small, and these nominated women stand a chance to win great prizes.

You can choose anyone to celebrate, from the market woman next door, your “tailor”, obioma,  or your hair stylist  that always make you look good, a member of your family, your friend or even yourself! You’re certainly also worth celebrating!

To nominate, follow the underlisted guidelines:

>Post a picture

>Tell us her name

>Tell us why she should be celebrated

>Tag @Eloyawards, @Exquisitemagazinenig and your friends to like the post.


So hurry! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to let us know more about that person you admire so they can be celebrated or even you, so you can be celebrated!!!

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