Photos from The wedding Party Premiere 


The wedding party Premiere was a blast and as elegant as possible. But what would you expect from a movie that involves Ebonylifetv and Mo’ Abudu.

On entering the event, I thought I stumbled on someone’s wedding at night. .. well not really,it was a movie premiere.

The ushers were dressed in bridal train attires, the guests, elegantly followed the dress code of all white with some adding studs, embroideries to their already bright coloured fabrics.

After spending over an hour on the red carpet with Nigerian A list celebrities, everyone was ushered to the “reception” area where dinner was served in buffet style. It was a real wedding party with guests of every age experiencing a good time.

Seyi Shay and Timi Dakolo of course gave amazing perfomances, althoigh they had a great line up of artists, i couldnt wait to watch them all.

Check out photos;

twp-ambiance-1-600x400 twp-ambiance-2-600x400 twp-ambiance-3-600x400 twp-ambiance-4-600x400 twp-ambiance-5-600x400 twp-ambiance-6-600x400 twp-ambiance-7-600x400 twp-ambiance-8-600x400 twp-ambiance-12-600x400 twp-dinner-1-600x400 twp-dinner-2-600x400 twp-dinner-5-600x400 twp-dinner-8-600x400 twp-dinner-9-600x400 twp-dinner-13-600x400 twp-dinner-14-600x400 twp-dinner-15-600x400 twp-dinner-16-600x400 twp-dinner-18-600x400 twp-dinner-19-600x400 twp-dinner-21-600x400 twp-dinner-22-600x400 twp-dinner-23-600x400 twp-dinner-25-600x400 twp-dinner-26-600x400 twp-dinner-37-600x400 twp-dinner-39-600x400 twp-dinner-41-600x400 twp-dinner-47-600x400 twp-dinner-63-600x400 twp-dinner-70-600x400 twp-dinner-92-600x400 twp-dinner-93-600x400 twp-dinner-95-600x400 twp-dinner-98-600x400 twp-dinner-99-600x400 twp-dinner-100-600x400

twp-afterparty-31-600x400 twp-afterparty-39-600x400twp-screening-1-600x400 twp-screening-3-600x400


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