Womenswear Designer Martin Eguh of Endi Martin unveils Editorial Campaign for 2017: “The Black Panther”


Endi Martin, a Lagos based luxury fashion brand,  has unveiled its “Black Panther” editorial. The brand paints the picture of a sophisticated black woman who is a unique moving time mix, with a commanding presence that seems to make time stand still.

The campaign aptly draws inspiration from the fierceness, poignancy, courage, power and valour of black women of yesteryears.

According to designer, Martin Eguh,

“There’s a way I create feminine silhouettes. I like to see a woman exude so much confidence, elegance and grace”

The editorial features light weight cottons, chiffons and silks. The Black Panther is a first from the luxury line. Watch out for what is coming in the New Year!

endi-martin-black-panther_-image1_01_bellanaija endi-martin-black-panther_-image2_03_bellanaija endi-martin-black-panther_-image3_04_bellanaija endi-martin-black-panther_-image4_05_bellanaija endi-martin-black-panther_-image5_06_bellanaija endi-martin-black-panther_-image10_02_bellanaija

Model: Nanfe Jemimah Bonita Kefas | @Mimzebee
Makeup Artist: Adella | @Adella_makeup
Hair: Bernard | @Bernardsmiless
Photography: Jerrie Rotimi | @Jerrie_rotimi
Styling: Martin Eguh | @_Theboymartin
Video Director: Shaun Kalu | @shaunredding



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