Amarelis Atelier Tells A Story With Her Spring Summer collection “Talia’s Tale”



Amarelis  Atelier is back in our faces with their Spring/Summer collection “Talia’s Tale”. One can safely say that this is a fashionable tale filled with creative, aesthetic, elegant and chic pieces that every woman will be eager to rock.

The collection was inspired by the strength of Talia Joy Castellano (August 18, 1999 – July 16, 2013), a cover girl and American YouTube celebrity who died after a long, six and half year battle with childhood cancer. Fashion and makeup was a good therapy for Talia who gave looking good another definition.

This collection will not just help you remember the struggles of a young girl, but each cut and pattern will show you the strength that lies within the struggles of Talia with pieces ranging from cut-outs, asymmetrical hems, clean silhouettes and palette of colors that will work add a touch of freshness to your 2017 wardrobe.

See photos below:

amarelis_-look-15_11_bellanaija   amarelis_-cover-3_04_bellanaija amarelis_-look-1_05_bellanaija amarelis_-look-2_12_bellanaija amarelis_-look-3_13_bellanaija amarelis_-look-3b_14_bellanaija amarelis_-look-4_15_bellanaija amarelis_-look-5_16_bellanaija  amarelis_-look-7_18_bellanaija

amarelis_-look-6_17_bellanaija amarelis_-look-7_18_bellanaija amarelis_-look-8_19_bellanaija amarelis_-look-9_20_bellanaija amarelis_-look-10_06_bellanaija amarelis_-look-11_07_bellanaija amarelis_-look-12_08_bellanaija amarelis_-look-13-copy_09_bellanaija amarelis_-look-14_10_bellanaija

Production & Creative Direction: D.E.E.V.A.S | @DeevasWorld
Styling: Sharon Ojong | @SharonOjong
Photography: Joseph Elliot | @Ellisoft
Models: Cherem Chukwuka | @Mz_Ivone & Chebem Chukwuka | @_Vette_C
Hair & Makeup: Temitope Onayemi | @Adella_Makeup
Visuals: D.E.E.V.A.S | @deevasworld
Assistants: Sito Charles | @iamc20 & Erezi Ebelu | @Erezi.Erezi

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