5 Must Haves This Harmattan Season

So everyone has been  waiting for harmattan like forever wondering if the recession has gone as far as affecting the weather and not make us feel Christmas the way we’re truly supposed to.

At a point I just felt this Christmas should be postponed till Harmattan decides to show up,but that would require me stopping the time, an ability I don’t possess.

So Harmattan is finally here…. yay! The weather every Nigerian love to see put but get tired once it starts cracking their skin. I know! it’s tiring sometimes, especially when it’s affecting my lips and cracking it.

So because I know you probably feel it the way I am, i’ve decided to come up with a list of harmattan friendly products I  think you should get to enjoy this weather bumper to bumper.

So let’s dig in!

1. Lip gloss.


As I stated before, one disadvantage harmattan does to us is the cracking of our lips! Like I am soooo angry when that happens. Can’t you just spare my lips this year? Well, it can’t and it won’t , so help yourself and get yourself a lipgloss. They’re  usually very affordable, about 500 naira should get you one, and if you’re getting from the local shops around  you, it should be less,depeds on your choice, but It  might be a bit expensive than what you’ll get from yo bucks when you go to supermarkets or markets in high rise areas. And please get one with good flavour while you’re at it so you’ll enjoy not just the feel, but the smell of  the gloss when perceived like the one I got, read what I wrote about it.

2. Get your cream and use it!


If there’s one thing I love about Harmatan it’s that it helps my complexion, atleast if and when I am consistent with my cream, and yes I use CLEAN cream, (Read my review of the cream here).

I think creams are most effective during this season because we don’t sweat it away, it sinks right into our pores and get its work done. So yes, while you’re complaining that this weather is too cold and all, be positive about getting a better complexion by sticking to a good skin care regimen because this weather is a maker and breaker of skin depending on how you handle it!

3. Get oil!

Coconut oil

Now whoever knows me,know my love for oils, especially coconut oil is strong! So after getting your body cream/face cream, it’s important you invest in oil. it can be coconut oil, Argang oil, (which I havent tried yet and hoping to soon), even shea butter is perfect for this season. Mix them with your cream and use judiciously. You  can do it like me who either takes a little container and mix both shea butter or coconut oil and my cream or just rub both together in my palm to mix and rub my body after bathing. And since shea butter is a good moisturizer, it keeps your skin from drying and cracking.

4. Protect your feet with a pair of socks.


Cracked heels and strong feet aren’t a pretty sight, not just to others, but to you if you love your feet enough. That said, get you self a pair of socks and try to wear them to protect your feet.  Don’t be like me who sometimes buy socks to wear but at the end of the day, my feet start looking like soneone with no shoes… really hard! That’s be ause i don’t wear the socks i buy and God I need a pedi! Before covering your feet with the socks, try moisturizing them or seal them with Shea butter so as to protect them from the dryness of this bittersweat weather.

5. Invest in Jackets!


You see the collection of jackets i put up for you yo chose from? You’re  welcome.

So while  warding off cold and dryness this season,  we still want to be fashionable and a good jacket can help us achieve this. From the picture above showing different kinds of jacket you can pick one that suit your style or pick different  for any style you want to pull off.

It’s  cold doesn’t  mean we shouldn’t  slay, right?


So ensure you go out and get some of these  must haves coz i’very already got mine. Plus… if you know of other things we need this season, i’ll be really happy if you drop it on the comment box below because I really want to hear from you too!

Thank you for reading!


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