Plumping gloss lip shine For This Harmattan Season


In this harmattan season, one has to be very conscious  and concerned about the things we use. Not all lipsticks  would be advisable this season, especially matte lipsticks that are known to be dried… why use dried product on a dry weather.

So I went to the market to search of a lip gloss to get, and I stumbled on the Plumping gloss lip shine. I instinctively picked it up, drawn by the crimson red that caught my attention. The next morning, I was still thinking of the lipgloss, so I went ahead and put it on and it felt so soft on my lips!  Yep. Harmattan has been out for 5 days, and for the past four days, my lips have cracked,  with me feeling pains of being injured, but I know it’s the harmattan doing what it knows how to do best… cracking and tearing up lips.  Immediately I applied it on my lips, I was like “where have you been for the past four days?! ”


The lipgloss was soft and smooth on my lips  and completely protected my lips from the harshness of harmattan. It comes in various colours so you can choose which works best for you. i’m not a girl who likes shiny gloss, so the shine in this gloss is really moderate, not the sparkling kind.

But as a dark lipped girl, the beauty of the crimson red didn’t come out as I would’ve loved, so guess what my creative self intend to do? I’ll applied my red matte lipstick and cover up with the smooth protective gloss to still make my lips look as attractive as I want and protected too.

Let me know what you think about it if you’ve used it before, or you can tell me the gloss you’re using for me to try out.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment!

Linorajj .

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  1. temmytee says:

    I use aloe lip from forever product n its super protective n safe from all sort of chemicals too


    1. Linorajj says:

      Nice! But I don’t think that would be in local stores considering the exclusivity of Forever products… or what do you think? Where can one get it? Because while we’re looking at the alluring fragrance of gloss, we also have to consider the chemicals that are in it… and watch out for the ones we might be allergic to. .. Thanks for visiting Temi, hope to see more of you here☺


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