FreshbyDotun releases 2017 New Year Collection “Monotint”


In celebration of the New Year, Nigerian designer FreshbyDotun has officially unveiled his 2017 collection which features monochrome and geometry designs.

The uniquely sewn pieces themed “Monotint” owing to its ordered way of creation are easy to wear, timelessly classy and can never go out of fashion.

According to the creative head of FreshbyDotun, Adeyeye Adedotun, “There’s a saying that goes ‘in a world of black and white pictures, your true colour must still show.’ Black and white is simply basic, it brings out strength and confidence. hence, what you see is what you get, making it one of the greatest revolutions in fashion history.

See the collection below;

img_9367 img_9364 img_9336 img_9308 img_9302 img_9267 img_9260 img_9250 img_9227 img_9220 img_9187 img_9179 img_9168 img_9151 img_9141 img_9095 img_9092 img_9083 img_9067 img_9059 img_9019 img_9013 img_8994 img_8980-1 img_8956-1 img_8965 img_8942


Designer @freshbydotun

Photographer: @theolivineng

Models: @iam_cloud9 @deoluofficial @everywhereomar @jiteypeters @freshbydotun

Stylist: Adedotun Adeyeye


Publicist: @moafricapr

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