Random Musings: Are Bachelors Meant To be Eligible?



Hey guys!

So recently we were recording a radio show and my colleague did a list of eligible bachelors in 2017, some of the names she mentioned are people that I think should be kicked off the Bachelor zone for good… like they have been bachelors forever… when exactly should they leave that zone? (gist for another day)

Anyway, while that’s something to think about, that isn’t my main reason for this article.  What I want to know and talk about is why do we call these bachelors “eligible” if they’re the ones doing the “search” according to the bible and society?

So this is me writing for thoughts of my readers, coz I know you guys are smart and you’ll make me understand more,   but please let me know if and when I’m making sense.☺

When you put up something, be it an Ad for a job, competition, or anything, you are the one looking for something, so you the looker or the seeker doesn’t have to be eligible, right? But it’s only normal for you to have more than or close to what you’re looking for.  The ladies you’re searching for are meant to be the “eligible” ones, although not obviously applying for the “Wife Vacancy”, because “We are meant to be found” by the seeker who is meant to find a good thing when they find us. So there’s a criteria of “good”, and once we possess that “good” criteria it makes us “eligible”… are you following me here? I know I’m saying a lot, but please stay with me.☺

If you’re the one searching, It means you have something to offer to the eligible people you’re calling his/her attention,right? So it means a man searching for a wife has something to offer to the woman, certainly… (nobody wants to marry someone who got nothing to offer). So why do they have to be termed as “eligible” when they’re the ones searching? Making it sound like women have to grab those ones… Or  those are the ones available in the market so we have to grab our copies before it all goes off the market? Makes us soooo desperate!😔

Now let’s bring our thoughts together….

So here’s the thing, bachelors with everything put together are termed “eligible”  and that’s because we have so many bachelors whose only thing they have to call theirs is their “Man-hood”, meaning their pride comes from the fact that they are men and nothing more… some have more, but don’t have it as together as the eligible ones. So we can say there’s such term for bachelors because we have so many bachelors who aren’t eligible, meaning they are not husband materials, so don’t even bother praying to be found by them… some aren’t even boyfriend materials, so pray they don’t come  near you.😒

So why aren’t ladies termed as eligible? Well, that’s because almost all ladies are “supposedly” wife materials, atleast until they become wives and the material sometimes changes; it might be the man or woman’s fault.  Yes, ladies, we all want to be wife material so bad we even fake it to get the ring, and become our real materials when we enter the home. Sometimes the materials we become can be so hard it’ll break the needle used for sewing the marriage together… while some will be too soft, forming hardcore like the chic telling us to turn to our husband’s slaves because she was looking for something on social media… sorry girl, while most of us are looking, it’s important we stay true to ourselves while we wait, or even sometimes indirectly search, you know, all those positioning things they’ve probably taught you too… 😉yea, it works… sometimes.

So back to my question, should men still carry the “eligible badge?” and should ladies also carry this “badge”?  That might encourage more men to be eligible you know, just thinking. 🤔 Although let us note that being eligible for a bachelor is also what men refer to as “wife material” for women, right? But  please, for those men that are turning this “eligible” badge to their inheritance, when do you intend to let go of it?🙄

Not my business though, just letting you guys in on my thoughts and I’d love to hear what you think concerning the issues I raised. I certainly want to learn from what you know and think.

Thank you!😚

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