Throwback Thursday: Who Misses “Tales By Moonlight”?



While this might not be the origin of Nollywood or story telling in Nigeria, I think this formed a major part of story telling in the African culture… truth is, this is the origin of story telling for Africans, maybe for the world, but we all know Linorajj is a sucker for Africa, so yes, this formed a major part of the movie industry, in Nigeria and Africa.

Who would remember the moral filled stories and how we were so interested to know the end. The lion that always act so strong but eventually defeated by the cunning and wise lazy tortoise.

These stories formed the lives we live, the path we take, they helped the society teach us our traditions, but most importantly they helped us come together as a community. Kinda think it’s why we love watching movies at our friend’s place… that habit of receiving stories at the same time was well ingrained in us.

Tales by moonlight also shape our dreams in a way. Sometimes the stories either start again or end in your dream, especially when the story-teller keeps you in suspense for a part 2 tomorrow.

For me, I grew up in an environment where that night was beautiful. NEPA being committed to their job means you being indoor with family, and that means sleep early or die with message… but NO LIGHT means time out with friends and play till you feel sleepy… lol.

It was a time where we become creative and tell ourselves stories to  get through the night. Sometimes we tell scary stories and find it difficult to even start the “real night”. It was a fun time I just remembered and decided to share. Trust me I remember a lot, but this is not a tales by moonlight review, which I’m hoping to do soon. This is a remembrance of that memorable tradition that helped us create amazing memories with friends… This was a tradition that helped our in-born creativity, and for some, this tradition created that story telling part of us while for many, it brought out the storytellers in them


So let’s share, what do you enjoy about this tradition that has become a throwback? Is it something we should bring back or it is better left at the back where it has been thrown to?


Featured image by Henry Ezeokeke

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