See The 5 Categories Of TBoss’ Haters…

If you’re watching “Big Brother Naija, See Gobe”, then you’ll know that Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as TBoss is the most hated housemate, not just by her fellow housemates, but also by Nigerians who have termed her reclusive nature to the fact that she’s forming.

Some say she is not useful in the house and for that alone she should leave. These Nigerians are the same people who are recently saying people should “Talk about” their problems so they don’t store up so much and be depressed… well, with the treatment Nigerians are giving TBoss and the “unhidden” hatred we show, it’s enough for someone to be depressed, especially when this person is being judged and hated for who she is, and with these hatred oozing in and out of the house, it only shows that there is So much bitterness inside of us,  which can be emotionally unhealthy.

So yes, i have grouped TBoss’ haters into five categories. They are probably more, but this  is just enough for me.

  • 1. Ladies that are threatened by the beauty of others

Ladies let’s say the truth, we know ourselves, and how we do this without shame is beyond me. Most ladies hate TBoss because of her beauty, and don’t even ask if she fine, it just makes you one of them. We hate on other women and tear them behind their back just because they are beautiful… how does that make you sane? This category of haters see her as a threat, the one that distracts the man you like from looking at you.. the one that doesn’t put in effort to turn heads. These ladies wish to be TBoss, but they aren’t, and because of that, they feel powerful talking about them… But here’s news for you, it would do you no harm to tell another lady she’s beautiful, and if you have a problem with her attitude, talk to her about it, rather than talking about her with others. That’s too low!

  • 2. Perves Who Constantly Abuse Women But Were Never Caught:

Yes! They found their way on my list. It’s open doesn’t make it available for you to touch, especially when consent isn’t given. But guess what? These group of haters has no use for that word, they don’t even seek consent, they just feel they have the right to take what is kept open, even though the owner is there.

But what’s more  shameful with this group is that it involve more women than men. It involves women who have come to believe that a man needs no consent to touch them. If they’re with you, it means they want to be touched. These people hate TBoss for saying she was not aware of Kemen touching her while SHE WAS ASLEEP. They hate her because she spoke against them and they hate her because they saw through Kemen what could happen to them should they be caught… and they will be caught someday. I was ashamed to hear some of my colleagues saying she made Kemen touch her, like why? Isn’t this why women who have been raped don’t come to say they were raped? Because they know they’ll be that woman or even women who will tell them “why was your skirt shorter than the normal length” “why were your cleavages out” and sometimes the stigma attached to these women make men run away from them, thereby possibly depriving them of a life partner. These women also believe men are too scare so when you have no matter what you’re going through with him, stay with him, and sometimes when you leave, they jump right in… pity!

  • 3. People Dealing With Insecurity and Low Self Esteem:

Some people have a way of looking for people to throw their unreasonable hates on and they certainly saw that person in TBoss. Why exactly would you be finding reason to hate someone just because she doesn’t want to play with you? Well, it only shows you WOULD WANT HER  to play with you and you’re not happy she doesn’t want to, and that goes far as show that you’re not okay playing by yourself, after all what would playing with you do for you or the person? Big Brother Naija has revealed all shades insecurities in Nigeria, and it reeks to see that we have more of the population of the country all for hate and gossip, hating on people, especially women, just because you don’t understand them. Why? People are dealing with different insecurities, they are bothered about people that are not like them. We confuse people seeking for solitude as pride and our esteem can’t make us deal with the fact that they are not like us, rather we feel if they look a bit better than us, then they’re fake. This is so unfair!

  • 4. Bisola and Efe’s Supporters…

These are probably your favorite housemates because they are “real” and talented. They portray the typical average Nigerian who we love because they’re true to the Nigerian script. These haters hate everything that is not Efe or Bisola or related, so they love what Bisola and Efe love and hate what Bisola and Efe hate… and unfortunately TBoss falls into their hate category. So let’s not analyze them, let’s look at why Bisola and Efe hate TBoss.

I’m not a fan of pretenders who hate you acting like they like you, opening their arms full of thorns and when it can’t hurt you, they pull a spike and stick it right behind you, making sure it hurts. Now that is sounding like Bisola everyday.

Bisola hates TBoss because she’s beautiful, hygienic, Bossy, cannot be pushed around and doesn’t participate in the house which means she’s “forming”. Bisola of course doesn’t like the fact that TBoss turns head like she THINKS she can’t. Then TTT made it all worse by declaring, even while being involved with Bisola that he likes TBoss, that will certainly fuel the hate of most women, and it did for Bisola, which is why Bisola doesn’t pass up any chance to call TBoss a witch and other terrible names there is, and recently she added talentless and prostitute to the list. What a woman.

Let’s move on to Efe the Ultimate three times Head of House who can do no wrong in the eyes of his fans… I do like Efe. Efe is of the street, and he knows how to play the game well, he knows how well humility pays, afterall our legendary Tuface is always sanctified and saved by his truly humble nature. Of course some of you will say if he’s faking it it would’ve shown by now, so why can’t these same reasonable fans understand that if TBoss is faking it would’ve revealed by now … but guess your reasoning is very selective.  Efe is from the street, and the world loves a fairy tale. To Efe fans, he needs the money more because of his background, which I also understand, but it doesn’t mean they should attack another person who has what we consider a better life. Who says TBoss has a better life? Why don’t we understand that no suffering is greater… you might be suffering from physical abuse and another is suffering from emotional abuse, yours is physical doesn’t make it a greater suffering… you’re both suffering, it shouldn’t be compared. But that is what we do with Efe. We say he’s the realest ‘G’ because he’s coming from the street and that makes people who aren’t coming from the street fake… or need the money less I believe… It is well.

  • 5. Guys who can’t have her but wish they can;

This group of people are quite confused. Their self esteem is not visible so I can’t even say it is low. These are the kind of people that insult rich people just because they are not rich themselves. They’re like the gate man who says the owner of the house he works in is proud because the owner doesn’t talk to him, or their daughter is very rude because she doesn’t go down on her knee to greet you or doesn’t see your advances towards her… hello?!  Everybody has a place in this life, and it pays to know and respect it rather than judge people or condemn them for it.

These group of hater hate her for being pretty and know they can’t have her, so they feel better insulting her and hating on her. These shallow minds have taken to twitter and every other social media platforms to pour their hate on TBoss for no sane reason. A man once told me that the reason he doesn’t like TBoss is because all the guys in the house want to have her… so why not hate the guys? Why hate on the woman whose every move and act in the house has been termed as a game plan to viewers… can’t people just see through what is fake and what isn’t?

All these haters, please what would you benefit from hating on another human? Or why can’t you realize your hate is causing more harm than good for the person? Do you hate to make people better or you hate to bring them lower than they already are. It is a question i’m posing to everyone of you, because other people’s differences shouldn’t give you enough reason to hate on them. Let love trump hate.

N:B – I know we can’t love everyone, we can’t even like everyone. But hate is too strong to be the opposite of that. Be indifferent about the person, don’t just hate them and bring them low thinking it will take us high… it doesn’t.

And please tell me why you don’t like TBoss, and why you like her if you do.

Thanks for reading. 😘




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ebe Jennifer says:

    I love Tboss …so no I don’t watch the show, but everyone keeps saying she acts like me their exact words were “we both have horrible characters” if she is anything like me then I absolutely love her and I Can’t even pretend to care that their opinion means anything!


    1. Linorajj says:

      Awwww! And that is exactly why I love you babe! You don’t have to be like everyone… just embrace your awesomeness and flourish in it… and I know you will in yours!😚🤗


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