5 Things To Do To Stay Beautiful


Beauty is an individual thing, and  as we know, not every man considers beauty the same way. That said, it is important to know what your beauty is. For some it is their face, for others it their brain, while some people have got beautiful heart that radiates all over, but whichever it is, here are things to do to help it stay beautiful.

So here we go;

  1. Read up:  Now for me, this is a priority. The knowledge you take in has a way of reflecting on you, and trust me, you want to be seen as someone who can have a good conversation, I don’t know about you,  but i love that feeling. Now when i say read up, it means, i don’t mean textbook, nope. I mean reading things that keeps you trendy… exactly, trending stories. Be up to date on events happening around, but one important thing to take note of is, don’t read things on the surface, if something happens, know what’s up from the beginning, go further to get the background gist so that you can contribute substantially in a conversation.
  2. Dress well: The important of dressing well can never be over emphasized, trust me. If there’s one thing people see when they see you for the first time it is how you look, and in my opinion, you should look good enough. Dressing well isn’t dressing expensive… sometimes it can just be you ensuring that whatever you are rocking is well suited and please for God’s sake let it be neat!
  3. Look neat: Life for me is all about growth, so i spend most of my time trying to grow myself the best way i can and that includes being neat as best as i can possibly be. take care of yourself for you, not for anybody. You shouldn’t look neat because you want to go out and see that guy or your friends, you alone knows the truth about who you are and for that reason alone, if you want them to believe you are actually neat, how about you start being neat for real?
  4. Be confident: Nothing looks beautiful on a human being that confidence. for me, i think that is the best outfit one can wear, because it makes you look sure of yourself and the things you say, but the beauty of this post is not telling you to be sure of yourself with a blank brain, it is telling you to be sure of yourself with a well occupied brain, and that is why i advised at the beginning to read up, it is necessary to.
  5. Package it all with a smile: A smile as we all know is the best makeup you can wear, no matter how you look, a smile can never do you wrong and that is what i want to end this post with.

But while you are reading, being neat, dressing well and being confident, do not for any reason forget to be you, because being you is what will help all of these things come out fresh and help you stand out uniquely.

That’s all for now in looking and staying beautiful, please drop your comments and suggestions on the topic below as both me and my readers would be happy to learn from you.

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