Read My Selfie Interview With These Nollywood Beauties on Vanguard Allure


Hey guys!

Read my interview with these Nollywood stars; sexy Beverly Osu, talented Amanda Ebeye, and the fashionable Ini Dima OKojie, where I spoke with them about their fashion, beauty, lifestyle and where they’ll love to travel to for their ideal vacation… not that we all get to go on an ideal vacation though. 😩.

But what you should know is that every minute of these interviews were worth it 😁and I got to learn something new from every one of them.

Now Β I know I’m not a selfish person, so I want to share and I hope you love it enough to like and share it for other to love and share to😘.

Thank you so much guys for your love and support… read and enjoy!

Selfie with Beverly Osu
Selfie with Amanda Ebeye
Selfie with Ini Dima Okojie


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