Read How “Mere Passion” Became The Serious Shoe Business, MINUEL

Looking good is good business and shoes have proven themselves important in that quest to look as dapper as you can possibly be. For this reason, some talents have dedicated their time to ensure that we don’t just look good, that we are also confident with the way we look and that can only happen when you are confident in what you are wearing which is what Minuel fashion brand uses its shoes to achieve.

In an interview with Linorajj, the founder, Emmanuel Faleti reveals how he intends to make every working class man look as classy and confident as possible.


L: Tell is about Minuel Fashion brand?

MF: Minuel is a fashion lifestyle accessory company with focus on shoes. We had a vision to become the foremost shoe design company in Nigeria for a global market. We create classic shoes that are affordable and we pray greatness into every shoe so that those who buy can be blessed and propelled into greatness .

L: When did you start?

MF: I started shoemaking TEN years ago, but then, I was just doing it for the passion , strictly not for sale . During my first year in university I started selling to friends, school mate and that was how Minuel started in 2011.

L: Why shoes?

MF: Right from time I love things that has to do with creativity and my passion for shoe making is one of the creative things I do that was different from others .

L: Who are your target market?

MF: The working class

L: What inspires your designs?

MF: The world as a whole . the world is a beautiful place , so we need to look good.

L: What are the challenges you’ve faced so far?

Starting a footwear brand was just like having a new-born baby, issues of finances to raw materials was not an easy task .

L: What are your thoughts on Nigerian fashion and how do you think it can boost the country’s economy?

Nigeria has the potential to become one of the biggest tourism in Africa, if we do not promote what we have as our own heritage no one with do it for us.

L: How affordable are your shoes?

MF: My shoes are quality and really affordable with price ranging from #10,000 – #25,000

L: What’s the best shoes you’ve made so far?

MF: I can’t say there is a particular shoe that is best so far. My best comes in different angle, it could be the shoe with highest sales, and it can be the shoe that brought more GOODWILL to the company so far.

L: What are the future plans for Minuel?

MF: Future plan is to own a well equipped footwear factory .

L: What’s your personal motto?

MF: My personal motto is consistency; it is the KEY.

Thank you for reading this interview. If there is anything you would want to ask the designer that we didn’t ask or a question you think the designer did not answer as you would like please drop the observation on the comment section below or visit and @minuelfaleti on Instagram!

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