#BkChat Ep2: Varcia What Are You Saying?!

L-R Esther, Nneoma, Henni, Vercia, Nadiya

Episode 2 of BkChat NYC is out and I certainly couldn’t wait to watch it and tell you guys what I don’t like about it and what I love about it.

The issue raised on this episode is …

Now, this topic is actually an interesting one as they have two mothers in the house (Esther and Henni) who explained things explicitly from their experiences.

Like always, Nneoma was really calm as she gave her logical thoughts even though people like Varcia and Nadiya were trying their best to piss her off.

Osaze really showed himself on this episode, and my God don’t I love a logical thinking man that considers all *chop kiss*

Varcia was always given a chance to talk… scratch that! she was given chances… but she always ends up saying what she alone understands… why girl? I think she just wants to be heard which could’ve also been achieved if she just calmed down a bit and also try to hear herself, that way she would’ve been able to trace every word she produces and be fast to come up with an appropriate follow-up to that word. And she just says things… like why?!

Flee... What were you trying to flee from? Lol! Dude dozed off on set for a second, thank God he didn’t fall… I don’t think Flee makes as much impact as I think he should, but let’s keep watching.

Rusharn! Brother, where were you in episode one? I love the way he thinks and how he expresses his thoughts, at least in this episode, but don;t fall my hand on subsequent appearances you’ll make.

Nadiya does not look aggressive, but we all know say “e no dey show for face”. According to Murad Merali on YouTube, she is a firecracker. Like girl chillas! Stop trying to attack everyone! She went from white to black in one episode and then the way she made herself the perfect of “the perfect example” with Nneoma… Warisdat? Is it ya Egzampu?… Whatever you took before this episode, stopeet!

Lucas… sorry Idris. Now, Idris here be acting all macho like Lucas with his scream and fighting for the right of the people against the government. While I understand his point about social services not coming to always check up on your business, I think I would’ve appreciated the point better if he was calmly saying it rather than his preferred means of communication. But on that issue, I support the way the United Kingdom operate rather than the American way because it keeps the parents on their toes, letting them know that anything can happen by any mistake you unfortunately make. This way, issues are not noticed when they’re already uncontrollable, they’re noticed on time and steps of rectification are taken if possible. So Lucas… I mean Idris, understand the point from another perspective.

Esther brought her experience on board and it was it was educative.

Henni… aww! she’s sweet! I like Henni because she looks like that strong but soft woman. She is not afraid to say her truth and accept other people’s truth. I perceive her as someone who knows how to come to terms to reality quick enough, acknowledge the hurts, accept lessons learnt and move on. But then I love her skin!!! I don’t know about you, but I think her skin is gorge! That melanin is one flawless melanin I want!

Ewan… our Oyinbo in the house. I like how analytical Ewan is of the topic and how he brought his facts to the show. For a minute I like his questioning until he started sounding like a shrink, putting on an air of “I’m better than you are” (I don’t know if what I perceived is correct, do let me know if yours is different). He didn’t talk too much, but the few times he did, he wasn’t having a conversation or an argument with them, he was either just questioning or laying fact, which is supposed to be a good thing, right? I think he didn’t flow with them, but then again it might be a conscious decision on his part. And is he an Edo boy?

Watch below and let me know what you think about someone or everyone!

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