Stella McCartney Used Ankara On The Runway, So What?


Africans seems to be buzzing and boiling on social media after Stella McCartney displayed her collection at the presentation of her Spring 2018 collection in Paris; a collection full of Ankara pieces.

How this anger from Africans started, I don’t understand, all I know is everyone seems to be shouting “appropriation” and “appreciation” and I’m like, what does that have to do with a white woman trying to express herself with colourful fabrics?

This outfit was brought to my notice on the 4th of October and on seeing the white model on Ankara, the first thing that came to my mind was “so? this is just an ordinary design that looks different because of the colour of the model” and no, I am not discriminating, only stating an obvious… you would agree with me that Ankara has a way of looking different on a white person, so let us note that this collection might look even ordinary on a black model because African women are used to wearing that as stay at home outfits. Actually, someone on Twitter said this is the “Sending cloth” our mothers use that home and trust me as I quickly concur to the person. It is a stay at home cloth because African women are so glamorous and artistic that wearing this kind of outfit for a serious occasion is a waste of time to the event… you sometimes wear this when you have nowhere to go and you just want to sleep at home… but then again, times are changing and so are the things of the world.

So here are the different problems people have raised so far since this collection came out and read responses to them…

  1. Stella McCartney used African Fabrics; Okay… she said it is an African inspired collection and cultural appropriation. It is her money the bought the fabrics with not yours. And I’m happy African fabrics and styles are getting wider audience and acceptance, not like we don’t accept ourselves enough.
  2. Just 1 black model: So What? She already mentioned it is African inspired. I feel she already gave us the necessary credit, and probably wanted the whites to see how it will look on them… that is a better way to market it to her target audience. We all know how that will look on a black model, beautiful ut familiar to us and like a Twitter user mentioned, it will only look like your grandmother sending clothes… you know those kinds of clothes you sleep with or run errands at home with? Exactly.
  3. No appropriate credit to designers: Really? Africans… when has a Nigerian or an African designer given credit to a western designer? Let me know in the comment below.

You know what I think?

All these are empty cries… that is what our rant online is all about, they’re empty and this is because we use their fabrics all the time to make one thing or the other. Our designers decorate our runways every fashion season with their farics, we do not give credit to them to the best of my knowledge and no hell is raised. So let’s take a chill pill and see things from angles that are beneficial to us as Africans rather than take the side that places us as victims.

I hope you see reasons with our thoughts. We are Africans and Linorajj for one represents Africa, but we are also Africans who consider other continents as beautiful and sharing what we have should be a thing of joy. We are not scared of us losing it, because it is ours. We are comfortable to share it and let the world see the beauty we have.

For Stella McCartney, we do not see the ffense she committed using Ankara for her collection but if you do and believe we didn’t address the issue from your poerspective, do let us know at the comment section below.

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  1. museorigins says:

    I actually agree with you 100%

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linorajj says:

      Thank you so much, Muse Origin. Thank you for stopping by, but this shouldn’t be a one-off as I’ll be expecting to see your presence in other posts.

      And your blog is very colorful and beautiful. Couldn’t help but drool!

      Liked by 1 person

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