Hosting Duties, Smoking S.K, Avoiding Monkey Pox & All I Experienced At Felabration 2017

Thank God Felabration is over! It is really funny how we look forward to a week and how happy we are to see the week come to an end. Yes, this is not the kind of experience we say “How we wish it’ll last longer…” no, I don’t want it to, I’m fine with the duration!

This is not because Felabration is not fun, but because as a media personality, I went there to work, and for that reason, it was a Rihanna situation “Work work work work work work…” so yes, i wanted it to come to an end so fast to move on with other things in life at night.

Now the first night was something… while it was a fun I cannot look away from the fact that the smoking of S.K that night… I think the smell is still in my head. Newsflash, DO NOT VISIT FELA SHRINE IF YOU’RE ASTMATHIC. I can’t tell you how bad enough the smoke there is, but please don’t experience to find out because you might not survive it. Fortunately for me, I survived the night, but I was high from perceiving S.K and different kinds of local hemp that my bones were so weak, I slept unnecessarily because I was so tired. Not a good things for me at all.

I didn’t go to the shrine until the last day, which I couldn’t miss considering the artistes performing that night.

Now I need you all to know something… do not go into the shrine with what you do not need at that moment, you might just end up not needing them again. Yes, there are robbers everywhere. Even the people that want to rob you will be advising you to be careful with your properties; guess it’s sometimes because they don’t want to lose out of the stealing.

I found myself holding everything at once. I really do not know how I managed with all that, but I survived and my only victory was that I didn’t lose my properties but my system is still trying to get back to its default smokeless mode. trying to eat as much fruit as I can get to help repair whatever S.K has tampered with… my poor self.

So here is my struggle. I was holding my phone, power bank, internet device and monitoring my other phone at the back of my pocket with my not so free hand, looking with a stern face to any confused person close to me. This wasn’t an easy task I must confess. This struggle was done on both days I attended.

Now when Wizkid performed, the experience became something else, worse actually. The performance was a great one, but the people didn’t allow us to enjoy the performance as they started pushing unnecessarily. some of you will say “this is normal in any show na…” but not to me, because I try my best to not suffer myself while I am having fun, but this suffer was just a lot!

Now as if it wasn’t enough, some men were now using the opportunity to try to and tap all the current off my body… like why are pipu like this? I had to tell a man to keep his hands to himself. Imagine me speaking English at that rowdy place to people that care less about how I was feeling.

To make matter worse, the fear of Monkeypox would not leave my head. This means that I was always watchful of anyone coming around with their sweaty bodies and in a place like Felabration, this was a lot of “watch”! Finally, I resolved that I was going to have not just a hot bath when I get home, but serious scrubbing! I cannot come and kill myself while celebrating the great life of the dead… not happening.

So yes, I got home tired after standing from 10pm to 4am,,, the price we pay to have fun! I went to the office at first until it was bright enough for me to go home. I went home and I am still recovering from the loud music, S.K and the life of some people.

Was it fun for me? Yes, of course, I had moments when I danced and just enjoyed the moments but would I decide on my own to have this kind of fun again? Maybe if I have to go there for work purpose, that way it is more “purpose-full”.

By the way, some of the performances were dope and starboy did not just take over Sunday night, he took over the whole show.  Well done to all the artistes who performed that night, una do well.

So tell us, were you at Felabration? Is it a kind of event you’ll love to attend? Tell us your experience in attending a concert in Africa.

See how some part of my first day went at Felabration;

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