All you need to know at Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week – Day1

Deola rocking her Feminist AF Tees…😍 Photo Credit: @tobasamuelphotography

Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week is here and  I am all here for it!

The Day 1 got us all expectant for things to come but here are the things you missed yesterday and I hope this helps you plan for a better today.

Venue: I need to drop this first in case you don’t read further, but please do both our sakes*kisses*. Anyways, I have no idea what the organizers were thinking this year, but I can safely guess that one of the unspoken criteria to attend this year’s event is “You MUST have a ride” because that’s the only way you can conveniently get to the venue. This year’s event was held at Eko Atlantic and the only thing I can tell you is that once you get to the gate of the venue, get ready for another journey and that is not in any way fashionable… Not even cool! Just prepare your mind to be stressed. Agreed, the event hall is spacious for all activities to take place, but I think they should’ve considered people coming with one public transportation or another, just too much work for fashion!

Street Style: Fashionistas came to slay and steal the spotlight, even for a second. They had their games on and we loved what we saw, but hey! don’t go break your kolo for that, the game they have on is just a good twist of their wardrobe, so creatively twist yours and allow our lenses to shoot the ordinary off your look.

Akin Faminu & Wunmi Tuase ready to rule the street!😍😍 Photo Credit: @tobasamuelphotography

Creative Lounge: So they came through with the Lounge! Yippe! Love me this place don’t I? I love the initiative of considering the work we creatives do and how much we need spots like these to encourage productivity in a busy time as this one, but my love does not blind me from the flaws which for me is the fact that it is too small considering the over hundred content creators that registered to use this space. It is small with less than 5 electricity sources hence most content creators were boxed in a spot trying to get their working materials charged up. It was also thoughtful of them to provide something to bite on like cupcakes, the proudly Nigerian Mr. Ekpa groundnut and Eclairs, I love that, but we all know you guys can do better, so let’s be expectant for an improved service today. But thank you for the one you did already, at all at all na winchy!

Style Temple & Wardrobe Malfunction:

For lack of a better photo… please manage this😘

Style Temple gave us the best show for the night with clean tailored pieces of hues inspired by her mother and strong African women that were well represented by African models. There was a wardrobe Malfunction, one I didn’t like at first, but speaking to a couple of people, i saw the reason in their argument that the model, whose outfit had slipped off her shoulders thereby revealing her perky boobs had done nothing but exercised professionalism in her craft as a model by not allowing distractions to change her character as the strong woman that she is. Looking at it from the theme of the collection, i applaud the model for giving a narrative that no matter what issues you go through in the course of your journey in life as a woman, do not forget that you’re trying to be a strong woman and a strong woman you will be without allowing any sudden or unforeseen circumstances deter you from the role you were born to play, A STRONG WOMAN. So I didn’t like it at first, I was all “look for a stylish way to get it back together or look for a stylish way to ensure the sleeve doesn’t drop”, but I also have to give room for the possibility that the model saw no other way it could’ve been done, so she let it go with her head held up high to bear the consequences of it all, after all, it is her job and her duty to embrace the unavoidable good and bad that comes with it. Models I salute you and for Style Temple, gurl you’re incredible!


Every year in LFDW, there must be one major highlight that overrides all and it always comes at the beginning. For this year, it seems like the minor fire spark that had people running off the hall as if the building was about to blow off will be the negative highlight ut if not, it’ll mean that we have worse things coming up which we do not hope for. But people can fear sha!

Fetswallet: They sponsored the event, but that doesn’t mean they should try to tie our hands with it! The first person that welcomed me warmly was a lady from Fetswallet who tried to market the app to me. According to her, I have to download the app to get anything to eat…wow! what a marketing strategy, I like it! but I would’ve also preferred if they had done better by maybe giving a discount for using the app to get something, but with no discount but a subtle order to tell us to get the app if not we won’t get anything to eat, now that is a dare I was ready to take and I took it and ended the night dehydrated! Not happening again though, stuffing my bag with all I need today, sorry guys, I might download it later, but not today.

So that’s it for today, let’s look forward to Day2, another slayday in Eko Atlantic!


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  1. emzynelson says:

    I love those black pants


  2. Linorajj says:

    Thanks for stopping by EmzyNelson, truly appreciate. Do check out my Christmas post an let me know what your theme for this year’s Christmas is. Thanks again..😙


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