GTBank Fashion Weeknd Is Here & We Are Looking Forward To These Big Fives

GTBank Fashion Weekend
Artwork by @Viera_amber

With the back to back fashion dose we are getting in Lagos state, it is safe to say that Lagos state is the capital of fashion in Africa with the two biggest fashion shows in the continent taking place in the colourful city. So yes! Lagos takes the crown and this time, we are looking forward to the GTBank Fashion Weekend weeks after Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week.

The GTBank fashion Weekend is starting on the 11-12th of November and I have lots of things I am looking forward to which I have streamed down to big fives, and yes, they are major!

So let’s see…

Retail Shopping Experience;

GTBank Fashion Weekend

Considering what I love to do, which is to promote African brands, I am p[artricularly excited about the businesses I’ll be seeing on the different mini stores and the opportunity available to network and get to know more about some African fashion brands. This was an important highlight of last year and I am looking forward to this year’s retail experience.

Street style:

GTBank Fashion Weekend

What’s a fashion show without street styles? I have no idea for now, but what I can assure you of is that a lot of inspiration will camp on the street of GTBank Fashion Weekend as everyone tries their best to outdo their game in the last fashion week, LFDW and I will be on the lookout!


GTBank Fashion Weekend

If there is one productive way to spend your time waiting for the designers to show off their masterpieces it is attending the masterclasses made available by GTBank to everyone to come learn more about the industry from designer, Giles Deacon – the man behind Kate and Pippa Middleton’s wedding dresses to TyBello on photography to Jay Alexander, the runway coach from America’s Next Top Model, the list of professionals go on and everyone is anticipating this session more than the front rolls, which I think will also be interesting to grace this year.

The Runway Hall

GTBank Fashion Weekend

I’m sure you’ll be wondering why I’ll be looking forward to another runway show when I just fed myself with loads of them at the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Weekend, but you know what? GTBank has a way of surprising you where events like this are concerned, and after digesting all they experienced at LFDW, they will definitely go back to their drawing board and think of a creative way to wow us this year. Last year I totally loved the runway setting, it was off the ordinary plain white walkway we are used to seeing in this part of the world and the view just helps you appreciate the collections more, and the show better. This year, my mind is open to what they’ll do with the runway hall.

Designer’s collections:

GTBank Fashion Weekend

Last year I was blown away by Welsh designer, Julien MacDonald’s collection and presentation of the collection, it was a boom-like experience. The bodycon sequin dresses on oiled models ending the show of glittering pieces with confetti in the air. That for me was a great way to end the first day of the show, but even that show stuck in my mind as the best show for both days.

This year, I am so looking forward to seeing new talented designers and the old ones making the runway drip with their creative juices… My mind is certainly opened to be wowed this season.

So guys, tell me what you’re looking forward to at the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

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    Looking forward to this event💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

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