GT Fashion Weekend Is Over & Here’s What Got Me Excited

GTBank Fashion Weekend Miss Jay Alexander

Fashion weekend is finally over, sad but true and here I am to give you update on things you probably missed out if you attended the event, but if you didn’t, then you missed all and everything I am telling you will sound fresh and interesting.

So I didn’t get there early on both days, and that’s because of my health, but at all at all na winchy… so I did get there sha, and these are the things I noticed…

1. Milan in GTBank Parking lot! Now it is no news that GTBank is creative but this year’s Fashion Weekend, they proved they can do anything with the right amount of space and what they did this time was to bring Milan to us. They made every spot photoshoot worthy making us feel we’re on the streets of Milan. I haven’t traveled before, I’ve seen Milan just in photos, but with the whole setting, I concluded Milan is the city I’d love to spend a long time in, maybe even a forever… yea, I know I love Africa, but GTBank took my breathe away with the illusion they made! Last year, there was nothing spectacular about the front view, this year, it was a bang… GTbank is not regular!

2. Masterclasses: I wrote about why I was looking forward to the masterclasses and why in this post, and although I didn’t get to experience it, blame it on my health, I experienced a bit of it, the bit I was looking forward to which was Miss Jay Alexander’s class. I didn’t go in as early, but I caught a few things and one of the important things I got was that with confidence you can do anything you set your mind to. Jay Alexander is so confident and that has made him go from where he was to where he is today. They were other great masterclasses from professionals such as Ty Bello, Vanessa Kingori and many others.

3. Shopping Experience: Just as I suspected, this was where the fun was for most people, especially window shoppers who take great pleasure in window shopping and pricing everything you have. The only thing I bought was Han&Rene ice cream and the high level of sugar doughnut, I regretted combining both, didn’t work for my stomach hence I didn’t finish it. I would’ve just done water and doughnut, but sickness will not allow me to think well.

GTBank Fashion Weekend
Photo Credit: IG @catherinwah

4. Street Style: Still blaming it on my health, I got there later than I should’ve to enjoy the street style, so I didn’t get to enjoy it. But from what I saw on social media, people did not come the to play and GTBank provided enough props to fulfil their Milan fantasy.

5. The Runway Hall: The runway was as good as last year’s setting, but the entrance where models are coming out from was an extension of the setting outside. It was a beautiful sight to behold plus the images that were being projected inside of the dummy castle, it just spikes up your creative antenna… I loved it!

6. Designers’ Collections: Some of the designers that showcased in LFDW also came to showcase in GTBank Fashion Weekend, and while I was expecting something similar from their LFDW presentation, they gave a new experience to the collection… in other words, they brought their ‘A’ game to the runway and while I really wanted to leave most of the time, I ended up extended my time because I wanted to see wnhat the next designer is presenting, and I must say, they did not fall my hand oine bit, from local to international designers, everything was on point! To pick a fav, I’ll go with Millie Collins, not because she had the best collection, but because how I think her collection will make me feel… really free!

GTBank Fashion Weekend
Photo Credit: IG @Gtbank

That’s all I have for my GT Fashion Weekend experience. Do tell me if you attended, what you experienced and which experience topped your list!

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  1. Cassie Daves says:

    Hiiii. Love this post!! I think you mean Millie Collins though lool. I walked the show for them and loved their collection but hated my look.


    1. Linorajj says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by Cassie, and thanks for loving the post! You won’t believe I was reading my magazine from the fashion weekend and I saw the correct name before putting the post up, made a mental note to correct myself but I guess my brain prefers Emma to Millie… Thanks for the observation though, I have done the correction… My brain can go find its own Emma Collins to own if it desires it so much! Thanks again, I look forward to seeing you back here!


  2. fabianwhyte says:

    Love your post, I’m glad I also got to experience the sense of Milan and I hope your health is much better now.


    1. Linorajj says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by FabianWhyte and thanks a lot for asking about my health, it is definitely improving. I checked out your space and it is really beautiful! I love your post about the wedding you attended and how you combined that dress and skirt…cool stuff! Keep up the good work!

      And I look forward to seeing you back here! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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