Adesua & Banky Are Married 💑… Here Are Some Funny & Beautiful Things We Observed😄


Who was excited about the wedding of Adesua Etomi and Banky W on Sunday 19th of November? Or better still, who wasn’t excited? 🙋🏽Some girls

The wedding took a lot of people by surprise yesterday and we enjoyed every moment shared on social media, especially some of us that couldn’t make it to the event… sorry, some of us that were not invited, but thank God for social media, we got all the gist first hand!

As per who I be, I couldn’t help but notice some things in the event and where else can I talk about it but here.

Let me start with the event. That is a traditional marriage, right? I loved it! I loved how huge it is and how exciting it is. I loved the fact that culture was given centre stage, although going in-depth culturally would’ve been lovely we love what we were offered all the same.

Next thing is how couples like Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim used the opportunity to come get their couples photo and throw their love in our faces… what can I say, it’s their time, let them show off! And big congrats to them on their court wedding.

Uninvited guests that didn’t want to be told about the event had to use their status as celebrities to get invited. That’s not true! But I’m sure you also noticed our Divas like Omosexy and Rita Dominic who did not buy Aso-Ebi but attended the party anyway looking all shades of gorgeousness… when you’re big you’re big… Next!

This brings me to the next issue for the day, the Aso-Ebi… please who sold the Aso-Ebi? I couldn’t help my Igbo mind that wouldn’t stop calculating the amount the Aso-Ebi was sold for and how many… like everybody was rocking one colour or the other, and that fabric, it is definitely not a small one… God! and Yes, I was all McDreamy when I saw all the money being sprayed… Adesua! Banky! Na only Una o!

Toyin Aimakhu… sorry Abraham, how did you get there? Why am I asking? Well, the last time I checked, the talented Yoruba actress had attacked sweet Nollywood actress  at the Nigerian Entertainment Conference 2017 and even after the news that Adesua was engaged, Toyin Aimakhu did not bother to congratulate her either on anybody’s post or do a post herself… don’t ask me how I know, I just do, and if that won’t suffice, I will shamefully admit that I was trailing her comments, partly because I was looking for story, but nothing popped up. So you can imagine my shock when I saw her wearing the Aso-Ebi like she even got the Aso-Ebi! Definitely, something happened that I didn’t get on to, so I was definitely shocked! And then she worked her slaying game so tight you won’t find fault… well, I wasn’t checking for fault, just wondering how she got there.

Idia Calm down! It’s not your wedding o!Or you want to go receive an award or grace the red carpet? (Was there even red carpet) Abi is it only me that saw it? The effort was too much for me. I think I’ll only put such an effort if I am the Bride’s sister, the Chief bridesmaid or I am there to get my prince charming, if not, please lemme alone! But the truth is, the dress is fine!

Ebuka! I saved your matter for the last the same way Banky did to you… put you at the last.

Where did you think you were going to? A wedding… and Nigga isn’t here to play so I don’t know why people are complaining, slay the day like it’s yours.

First thing first, I am not one of the people that complained, but I just feel Ebuka should’ve told Banky to use Ugo Monye also instead of the basic looking Agbada he had on, but you know what? Banky was not ready to take the shine off his bride, he kept it ‘on the low’ so that his Susu can take on centre stage, how romantic!!! And Ugo Monye might not even blow as much if Banky had worn it… (Something to think about)

And to all of us that were part of the wedding via Instagram … Congratulations! We are done with the Wellingtons, the Wedding Party movie would suffice for a White Wedding, let’s look forward to the naming ceremony.

That’s what I thought until we were informed they’ll be heading to South Africa to complete the celebration… We’ll be waiting for another social media experience and participation. 💑


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