You Can Still Tick A Box Before The End Of 2017🗓📝


The year is about to come to an end and while some people are excited with the outcome of this year for then, some are not because like a swift wind, the year has been blown away right in front of them and they can’t seem to understand if they have been sleeping all through or time stopped for them and moved so fast for others.  Truth is, you’re not alone in this struggle and it is never really over until is it over.

Some days ago,  I was with a publicist whose client was not happy with her as he was complaining that the year has almost come to an end and they haven’t been able to execute some projects they PLANNED on executing. The publicist was trying to make her client understand that the year has not been easy for her, but moving forward things are going to be better.

I looked and listened as they both go forth and back with no solution presented and then I asked “Why can’t you still do it? The year is still on and we are not even in December…Why can’t you?” and that question can also be presented as a statement to say “you can still do it!”

This is the same thing I am saying to you reading this and thinking how you’ve screwed up this year because you know what? You haven’t screwed up.

It’s a fact that you haven’t done what you planned, but it’s also a fact that you’ve done some things you didn’t plan, so be grateful for that, but it shouldn’t take away the reality of the things you haven’t done which you can still do. So why not if not?

Why not take that first step, it might not be as big as you want your first step to be, but trust me when I say it will be better than not taking a step at all.

We beat ourselves up when we can’t achieve what we have set for the year, and that is a good thing because it means we know we could’ve done better, but we have to devise new ways of beating ourselves and that is by;

Discipline: This is to say that when we realize we haven’t done what we set out to do, we should sit down and make sure we do it! Especially when we still have the time to.

Sometimes, actually many times, we do not feel like doing what we have planned on doing or we get too busy with other things which leads us to the position we now find ourselves in right now, a position where we feel we have failed ourselves watching the year pass us by. Well, let’s stop beating ourselves with a pit party (that is too expensive) rather let’s try all we can to ensure it doesn’t repeat itself by taking that step now.

Assume you’ve been paid to do it: Well you will be eventually, so work on your mind and assume you’ve been paid by your dream, by your future to complete that task and do it… sometimes you don’t have to think about how you’ll do it, create your perfect mind shift and get the job done, not for yourself, but for your future… that should mean something to you.

So despite what you think that the year is almost over, the solution lies in your worries; the year isn’t over YET… it means something can still be achieved … so let’s go achieve it!


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