Why The Heck Are We Praying For Libya?


I don’t know if it is just me that is wondering about this, but I do not think so… Why in God’s name are we praying for Libya?

Recently it came to our notice as  Africans that our brothers are being sold off in Libya. This is to say that immigrants in Libya from different parts of Africa are being sold off by Libyans to the highest bidders from the West and the best we can do is pray for them? Wow!

The hashtag #PrayForLibya has been going on and for some strange reasons I just haven’t been bitten by that hashtag bug rather the one that bit me was #SayNoToSlavery until I saw an animated image by @Denny_ow portraying different African countries that were chained and a Libyan was holding a gun to their head and it hit me hard… we’ve been praying for the same people that have been enslaving our brothers and sisters! So my question to us is “Why the heck are we praying for Libya? Praying for them for what to happen?”.

It’s sad how we are so fast to jump on hashtags on social media so we’ll be among the trend or the trend pushers and for once we don’t stop to ask ourselves the question of “What are we even pushing with this hashtag?”

So guys, if you’ve been praying for Libya all the while, it’s alright, I hope the prayers change their mind from the evil practices some of them have decided to engage themselves in, but the people we should pray for should be Africans… every single African in Libya that is in danger of being sold out, those are the people we should send our prayers to and as for all the African leaders, work your way into Libya and get every single member of your country off the Libyan soil. God has given us the resources to help ourselves. We have prayed and He has answered, let’s put his answer to the good use He expects us to in the first place.

#SayNoToSlavery and please stop using the #PrayForLibya hashtag… NOT COOL! Better still you can say #PrayForLibyasRedemption… that’s fear enough. Abi what do you guys think?

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