Season of Colour! Fulani Fashion Unveils Must See Holiday Fashion Illustrations

With the festive season well and truly upon us, Fulani fashion has unveiled its holiday fashion illustration depicting their latest collection Quiet Storm to make a sparkling, joyful and relaxed entrance into the holiday season.

The colorful illustrations created by Janin Figuli-Matyus which was inspired by the Quiet Storm collection and the holiday are a beautiful adventure in fashion, with other sweet designs like wrapped gift boxes, Christmas tree, festive decorations and Santa which signifies a symbol of love and giving.

No doubt about it Christmas is our most favorite time of the year! May the holiday season bring you love, joy, and abundance of happiness.


Blogger’s Note:

Not everytime clothes, give us something light and different and these illustrations specially made for this season is just perfect! Nobody is thinking of rushing out to buy something new because guess what? They’re already available and the illustrator has given us a playful sides to the Quiet Storm collection and I love it! I love how relevant it is to the season, giving us diffeent sides to the colection and how it can be rocked by different women. This is what Falz was talking about when he said;  “give me something light” we defintely got it light and bright!


Designer: @fulanifashion

Illustrator: @janin.f

Publicist: @moafricapr

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