What’s Your Christmas Theme? Here’s Mine!💗🎀


Christmas is only a few days away and I feel so terrible that I’ve not been able to post new content I would’ve loved you guys to read here as early as the 1st day of December, but since I know my being sorry won’t complete this post for me, let me continue.

This post is all about  the christmas theme because i believe everybody has their own theme for christmas, we all see Christmas differently and that is just beautiful, gives the season a dynamic feel. So let’s see.

Your Christmas theme is that mood that surrounds your Christmas. it is that thing you think about when Christmas comes to mind, it is that feeling you get when you think of red, white and Santa. For me, every year my Christmas theme has always been ‘giving’. Whenever I think of Christmas I think of giving something to someone or receiving something, but more of giving something, because it is difficult to actually get things these days. so I try myself not to think too much about what I’m getting for the Christmas, rather I focus on the happy thoughts of giving something to someone, and trust me that is always a good therapy for me. The thought of buying something for someone I really like or giving something I have and love to someone I also love brings so much joy to me which is why I hate being broke.

Moving on, so what is your Christmas theme? What is that mood that surrounds you in December till the end of the year? Is it love? Is it sharing? Is it borrowing? hopefully, it’s not being angry, but is it forgiveness? And it might be anger for some, it’s not because they want to be, but because the season takes too much from them they can help it. If this is you, you might need to snap out of your anger and be grateful because some people can’t even afford to be angry right now, not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t.

So back to my question? What’s your Christmas theme guys? And as for me, I have started giving and guess what? The first person to tell me what their Christmas theme is stands a chance to experience my special theme of giving… Hmmm! Sounds like a superpower.

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